Fan Art Friday: May the Force Be With You

Welcome back to our Star Wars coloring book club, where Kiri at Star Wars Anonymous and I color the same image every month to compare and contrast.

I hope you all had a good Star Wars Day yesterday!  I wore R2-D2 socks at work 🙂


For this pattern, I was going to do my normal three- or four-color palette, but I got bored partway through and kept adding more colors.  I was originally going to do all the X-wings in blue, but after I did one, I changed my mind.  I remembered that many of the Rebels’ and Resistance’s fighter squads are named after colors, so I went with a rainbow theme to showcase all the different squads that helped take down the Death Stars (and Starkiller Base).

Some of the well-known squadrons include:

  • Blue Squadron (present at the Battle of Scarif)
  • Black Squadron (Poe Dameron’s group present at Starkiller Base)
  • Red Squadron (Luke Skywalker’s group present at the first Death Star)
  • Gold Squadron (actually a Y-wing group, but also present at the Battle of Scarif and the first Death Star)

I’m sure there are more in Legends, also!

I also started doing the swirly parts as gold and green, but got bored partway through and switched to blue and green.  Hence, this month’s picture is very colorful!  Kiri’s is also very colorful; check hers out here!

You can also see a red pencil mark at the bottom of the page; that’s from when I was coloring the picture on the opposite page!  Oops.  Hilariously, I accidentally made a mark on the other page while I was coloring this one…

For next month, I used Kiri’s trick of opening the book to a random page.  But this one looks pretty interesting:


Fan Art Friday: Size Matters Not

Welcome back to our Star Wars coloring book club.  This month by request we have the cover image.WP_20160727_18_25_06_Pro

Honestly, I didn’t feel nearly as creative or inspired doing this one as I did with the past ones.  I just tried to make everything as accurate to The Empire Strikes Back as possible; I looked up images of R2 and Luke’s X-wing and clothes to get the color schemes right.

My basic idea was to keep the background dark, and then have Yoda be light, creating a focal point with a kind of halo effect.  I do like how the background came out, but I feel like I colored the X-wing too dark.  I also did the border in a gold color, which kind of mirrors the book cover that has gold details.

The hardest part was coloring the planet at the top (which I assume is Dagobah).  I wanted to do some land and some sea, but it was really hard to tell what connected with what!

Some close-ups:

Check out Kiri’s similar interpretation of this picture over at her blog Star Wars Anonymous.  Next month we’ll be doing the Salacious Crumb pic that’s about 2/3 of the way through the book.  Feel free to join in!

It came, a flow’ret bright, Amid the cold of winter

My husband wrapped my gifts as an X-wing this year.
“Red leader here. We’re under attack from a giant cat!”

To my Christian readers, a very Happy Christmas.  As we celebrate Christ’s birth, I hope you find the warmth of His peace in your homes and hearts.  And to all those celebrating this season, whatever the holiday, I wish you bright joy in the midst of the cold and dark.

I will be spending the day with family, and eating these delicious goodies I made (including anise and orange springerles–the orange ones have chocolate on the back!)