Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos


From Inishmore, Aran Islands.

We generally think of walls as beings of structure and order, but this image shows their hidden chaos.  The stone walls of the Aran Islands are famous for their unique structure and ubiquity; there is so much stone in the ground, the inhabitants had to pile it up somewhere to clear fields.  There are miles and miles of stone walls on the islands, all hand-made without mortar.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

?????????? From Genovesa.

Genovesa, aka Tower, is a horseshoe-shaped island whose cliffs form natural walls.  We watched the tide come in on this beach at the Darwin Bay landing site.  The bay is formed from a collapsed caldera (like Crater Lake), giving the island its distinctive shape and fortress-wall-like cliffs.  Later, we climbed Prince Philip’s steps to get a view from the top.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall