Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet


From Dublin.

I’m not one to Instagram my every meal, but I took a lot of photos of food when we were in Ireland.  We had so many beautiful and tasty meals!  One of my favorites was the afternoon tea my mom and I had at Gallaher’s in Dublin.  There were scones, sandwiches, and pastries, plus of course tea.  It was delicious and a very fun experience.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning


From Dingle.

Ways in which Ireland is superior to the US:

  • better yogurt flavors
  • single serve Nutella
  • brown soda bread
  • tea (with milk and sugar) available on demand
  • last but not least: views like this at breakfast!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime


From Dublin.

My mom and I had a lovely tea at Gallaher’s in Dublin.  Scones, sandwiches, pastries, good china—it was the full experience.

We got very spoiled being able to drink tea with any meal in Ireland.  Restaurants will bring you your own small pot, with milk and sugar.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime