And I thought they smelled bad on the outside…

I am so stoked to have my tauntaun mount!  I think this is the coolest addition to TOR in quite awhile.  Here’s some pics of me and my new bud:

If you would also like a tauntaun mount, just head to Hoth, where you can essentially buy one for obscene prices, or you can buy lures to go study tauntauns, and then trade the data for the mount.  The quest will require a few hours of grunt work (and you have to defeat elites of your level), but it is much cheaper.

There are 2 options for mounts: the tundra tauntaun and the mountain tauntaun.  I think they both look nice, and I will enjoy using mine to run around.  Also, when purchased, the tauntaun is legacy bound, so I plan on passing one down to my next character, which will be a smuggler.

Here’s more info about the quest:

If you are on a PVP server, watch out!  Imps and Repubs go for the same nests.  Also, if your tauntaun dies you won’t get your data, even if you kill the wampa.  In my experience, about 1/6 lures are successful, and I never got 2 in the same nest.  Switching instances will reset the nests, so that’s a great trick to get the quest done faster.  Good luck!