Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet


From Dublin.

I’m not one to Instagram my every meal, but I took a lot of photos of food when we were in Ireland.  We had so many beautiful and tasty meals!  One of my favorites was the afternoon tea my mom and I had at Gallaher’s in Dublin.  There were scones, sandwiches, and pastries, plus of course tea.  It was delicious and a very fun experience.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Trick or Treat! (definitely Treat)

Our Halloween candy stash

For some stupid reason, the communities in our area have a set time for Trick-or-Treating, always the weekend before Halloween, usually starting when it is light, around 4 or 5pm.  I think this takes all the fun out of it.  When I was little, waiting for it to get dark on Halloween night was like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve.

So we had our Trick-or-Treat this evening, and of course I bought way more candy than I needed.  I love handing out candy and I wanted to make sure we had a good selection!  My husband likes to give Snickers, and I love Wonka candy like Nerds and Gobstoppers.

I mostly let kids pick what they wanted, and a ton of them picked based on color of the candy.  Nerds were surprising popular, especially with little girls due to the pink and purple boxes.  One kid yelled “I got yellow!” as he descending our porch steps with a Butterfinger bar.

There were plenty of cute costumes, including a penguin, several fairies, clowns, and mobsters, Harry Potter, a Transformer, the Stay Puft Man, Where’s Waldo, a bunch of boys in generic scary masks, and one very darling Supergirl.


Trick-or-treating in Ohio sometimes creates complications with costumes–it was in the 40s today, and even princesses need coats.  It always reminds me of Molly McIntire, who had to wear a sweater with her hula girl costume (she lives in Illinois).  I certainly didn’t need to do that when I was a hula girl…because I lived in Florida.

Got peeps? Peepshi = Peep sushi

Did you get Peeps for Easter?  Why not try something out of the ordinary with them this year…

Two years ago, Serious Eats came up with Peepshi: Peeps made into sushi-shaped concoctions.  I hate seafood and seaweed, and love anything sweet, so this is a kind of sushi I can actually get behind!  Like a good nerd couple, my husband and I added it to our Easter traditions.

Here are the step-by-step directions for making Peepshi: How to make Peepshi

You need three basic ingredients: Peeps for the “meat,” Rice Krispie Treats for the rice, and Fruit by the Foot for the nori.  Combine them to make different kinds of rolls, nigiri, etc.  It’s even better if you have several colors of Peeps.

The end result is delicious, but a little overly sweet.  Just like real sushi, don’t eat too many in one sitting!