Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely

From County Clare, Ireland.

I didn’t quite understand what this warning sign meant when I first saw it.  Don’t set fire to the birds, maybe?  That seems unlikely.

No, I’m pretty sure it means to not walk on the grass or disturb the wildlife.  This sign is found at the Cliffs of Moher, so I’m sure that’s for the safety of the visitors as well as the wildlife.  But that interpretation is way less fun.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


From County Clare, Ireland.

I didn’t have any great photos for this theme, so I went with one that made me laugh.  The area around the Cliffs of Moher had a lot of good signage, and I found this one particularly entertaining, if not particularly graceful.  But it gets the point across!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


From Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador.

This high altitude lagoon sits at the foot of Cotopaxi mountain, which was obscured by clouds the day we visited.  This sign proclaims it “Lga [Laguna] Limpiopungo” at an altitude of 3,830 msnm (metros sobre el nivel del mar, or meters above sea level), which is about 2.38 miles above sea level.  For comparison, Lake Titicaca, thought to be the world’s highest navigable lake, has a surface elevation of 3,812 m.

The name “Limpiopungo” is a compound of the Spanish word “limpio” (“clean”) and a Quechua word “pungo” that I don’t know the meaning of.  The sign also asks visitors to “Protejalo” or “Protect it.”