Homemade dice bag

Honestly, I’m not sure I ever thought I would be at the level of geek where I sewed a bag to hold dice for a role-playing game.  But here we are.

My husband B has played Dungeons & Dragons since before I met him in middle school.  He recently started a game of Exalted, another table-top RPG, with some friends; this game requires, like, three sets of d10 dice or something ridiculous.  He wanted a separate bag for these dice, and drew up a picture of what he wanted.

dice bag

It looked pretty simple, so I told him we could make it.  We bought some fabric but then never got around to doing anything with it.

Just before last Christmas, B was gone for business for about a week, and I saw an opportunity.  I have a terrible time surprising him with anything, because he notices the tiniest details and changes, but he is excellent at surprises for me.  I figured I could make a dice bag in a couple of days (I also enlisted my mom’s help in planning).

We made a quick pattern out of newspaper, basing the size of the bag off another dice bag B uses (that one is made of chain mail…).  I cut out the colored triangles and sewed them together as shown in his design.  Then I cut a black lining approximately the same size, sewed the two “inside” faces together.  I added an extra seam at the top and threaded some black string though.

I did this bag quickly, so it’s not perfect.  My grandmother is turning over in her grave because my seams didn’t match up in some places.

But I did finish it in time, and B was definitely surprised.  He’s been using it for his Exalted dice ever since.  I didn’t add any decal to the front yet, but he’s said that instead of the dice in his sketch, he wants a yellow circle like a sun, which is the symbol of his Exalted character’s caste, Zenith.

Some action shots:

It’s CURTAINS for…the office

For the past few weeks, I’ve been in “project mode,” making curtains for our home office.  The ones it came with (when we moved in over 2 years ago) were fine, but dark and heavy.  My husband is doing some work from home right now (ah, the life of a software developer), and we are trying to make the room look a tad more professional, since he has daily Skype sessions with his clients and bosses.

The office is also where I write a lot of the time.  And where we play TOR.  It has most of our books, and a tiny old TV hooked up to old gaming systems like the PlayStation and N64.  We want it to be like our happy nerd haven in the house.

So, we picked a simple, cheery fabric, with vertical stripes that are conveniently easy to sew on.  The pattern is basically a giant rectangle, with a few touches to make them hang well, etc.  My mom and I made these from scratch; she did all the ironing and pinning, and I stitched all the seams.  We added blackout material as a lining to keep the room dark when they’re closed.

Even working only a few hours a week, it took less than a month to do these.  And since we bought the fabric and hanging rings with coupons, plus fairly cheap curtain rods from Target, they cost the same, if not less, than comparable curtains from the store.

B and I are both really happy with how the office looks now 🙂