Lens-Artists Challenge #52 – Serenity

When I think of serenity, I always think of water.  Smooth, calm water, or slowly trickling water give me a sense of peace.

In Croatia, we visited the Konavoski Dvori restaurant, which was very peaceful despite (or because of?) the rain.  Any meal with this view will always be charming.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity


From Isabela.

This is Darwin Lake, a salt water lake that sits within a tuff cone on Isabela.  It’s a pretty good hike from the Tagus Cove landing site, but the tranquil view was worth it.  You can see our ship, the Coral I, and its sister ship Coral II anchored just off shore.

As you have surely guessed, the lake is named for Charles Darwin, who visited Tagus Cove in 1835.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity