Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

From County Kerry.

The view from Cahergal Ring Fort included a surprise preview of Ballycarbery Castle out by the water.  Amid the modern houses, the 16th century ruins still stand tall.  We visited the castle immediately after the ring fort; you can see some closer images of the ruins here, here, and here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Security


From Inishmore, Aran Islands.

Dún Aonghasa, or Dun Aengus, is a highly defensible prehistoric fort on a small Irish island.  You can see some of the fort’s walls to the upper right.  One side of the fort is a 100m cliff face, and the other sides are protected by several rings of walls.

The rocky ground of the island was very useful in mining for defenses for the fort, including the walls and also this kind of cheval de frise shown sticking up here.  One would imagine its inhabitants felt as secure as possible here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Security