Relaxing by Coloring Turtles

In the summer, my work does this thing on Thursdays where you can go during your lunch break to color or play checkers or do sudoku. You guys won’t be surprised that I always go to color. They have coloring books full of sea life, but I gravitate toward the turtles.

Turtles were my sorority mascot, so it goes without saying that I have a lot of turtle stuff, and also that my sisters purchased so many turtle things for my kid (who can easily say “turtle” now).

They have markers at work, which is a nice change for me since I use colored pencils at home for my Star Wars coloring book. My favorite technique for these pictures is to pick a set of three colors to alternate in one section, then pick a slightly different set of three for the next section. I did that here for the turtle flippers and the water.

Sometimes I don’t have time to get through a whole picture on my break. I’ve tried doing this turtle several times before finally taking one copy home to finish!

The finished product

I also picked up coloring sheet when we were on vacation in Florida last year: more turtles!

I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety recently, so coloring is really helpful for my mental health. I always feel better after coloring! I did this one while watching Empire of Dreams, a cool Star Wars documentary from 2004; you can check it out on Netflix.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction


From Fernandina.

Refraction distorts a sea turtle illuminated by the sun in shallow water.  I don’t know why it was this close to shore, but I was glad to snap a picture.  There are several species of sea turtles that can be seen in the Galápagos, and we actually got to swim with a few during one of our snorkeling excursions.  (These are NOT the same as the giant tortoises the islands are famous for.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Turtle grottoFrom Santiago.

The turtle’s nose breaks the threshold of the water’s surface: a brief pause before he begins his dive back into his cold, quiet pool.

Santiago has many rocky pools that are the favorite haunts of sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, and fishing birds.  I can’t tell what type of turtle this is, but there are several species that call the waters around the Galápagos home.  If you go snorkeling, you will probably swim with some!

The Galápagos are more famous for their tortoises, which live on land and are completely different from the aquatic sea turtles.