Star Wars character quiz (April Fools edition)

Among the many entertaining (and sometimes dumb) corporate April Fools pranks yesterday, I enjoyed’s character quiz, “Which Star Wars Hero Are You?”

After answering many questions about my personality like my biggest flaw and what lightsaber color I would pick, I got my much-anticipated result:

Ha ha! Of course, I’ve always had a fondness for that crazy monkey – lizard. Kiri and I even did a coloring book page of him.

The quiz is still up as of this writing so you can go enjoy it for yourself.

Fan Art Friday: Salacious Crumb

Welcome back to our monthly Star Wars Coloring Book Club!  This month Star Wars Anonymous and I are coloring our favorite Hutt jester, Salacious B. Crumb.  (What does the B stand for?? Oh well, it’s probably not canon anymore anyway.)

I had a lot more fun with this one, though I’m not entirely happy with the end result.  I started by coloring the poppies red with yellow centers, then the leaves green.  I thought purple would go well, so I added some of that, too.

I almost left the area behind the character white, but that looked incomplete, so I did the same green as the leaves, but that blended too much with the yellow background, so I added some grey to it.  Still not crazy about how it looks, but I like everything else so whatever.

The scrollwork looks more orange than the poppies, but I swear it’s the same color (a mix of “red” and “red orange”).

Here’s the progression as I colored:

Check out Star Wars Anon’s version here to enjoy her excellent choice of color combination.

For next month, I randomly selected Wicket W. Warrick (the W stands for Wystri).