Fan Art Friday: Southwestern Rebel Mandala

So Star Wars Anonymous and I are doing a “coloring book club” with our Star Wars coloring books.  Every month we’ll do a picture and then compare them!

She started Wednesday for May the 4th.  I really liked the color blending she did!  And the color choice was great, too.  Very cool.

I cheated a little when I did mine, because I remembered she said that she started by making the Rebel crest in the center red, and then just going from there…so I did the same!  I kind of worked out a Southwestern kind of color scheme as I went; I like to work with just a few colors otherwise I get overwhelmed.

This isn’t my favorite of the pictures I’ve done, but I like how it turned out ok, especially the gradient royal blue triangles.  Kiri and I made some similar color choices in places, but it’s mostly pretty different.

I actually just started this one, so why don’t we try it for the first Friday in June?  It’s a little more involved, but I just love the image!  It’s near the front of the book.