Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

18From Rábida.

I took this picture of my feet the first time I stepped onto the Galápagos, marking the start of my adventure.  Rábida is a wet landing, meaning you come in on a panga (Zodiac/dinghy) as far as possible, then jump overboard in the shallow water and wade to shore on the beach (hence the water shoes).

There are several different colors of beaches to be seen in the Galápagos.  Rábida has red sand due to the high amount of iron in the volcanic rock.  It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  I also got to snorkel for the first time ever on this beach.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag


From Rábida.

This male sea lion is a beachmaster, patrolling this stretch of coast as the waves zigzag in.  You can tell he is a male by his large size and the shape of his head (his forehead kind of has a bump).  They can be aggressive towards people that get too close.  This guy had a very very small harem (we saw only one female with two small pups on the beach), but he will still defend it from other males.