Lit mag poetry: She only likes me at midnight

Published in Perception, 03-04 Issue Two

So this one time, my friend Ashley for some reason said the phrase “she only likes me at midnight,” and I thought it was so cool for some reason I wrote a poem around it.

I’m not entirely sure what it’s about.  In my head I pictured a scene like a masked ball. With Cinderella showing up at midnight, instead of leaving then.  The narrator might be caught in an untenable situation, but unwilling to walk away because the highs seem worth the lows.

I still like this one a lot.

Lit mag poetry: Believe

Published in Perception, 03-04 Issue Two

This poem was one of several of its kind in this issue of the magazine; I wrote it in response to the death of a beloved teacher at our school.

I never actually had her in class, but everyone knew her anyway.  She was one of the most upbeat, positive people I can think of.

Poetry, and writing in general, has a way of letting you process things.  Even better than ice cream.  Sometimes.

On a side note, the punctuation here is kinda weird in places.  I think I might change it if I published it again.

Lit mag poetry: In My Room (Llueve)

Published in Perception, 03-04 Issue One

I wrote this on my bed listening to the rain in high school.  “Llueve” in the title means “it rains” in Spanish, a language I studied throughout my entire school career.

It’s a pretty simple poem, more feeling than words.  I don’t think it will surprise anyone that my high school poetry was heavily inspired by favorite poets are e.e. cummings and William Carlos Williams.