Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

From the Pacific Ocean around the Galápagos.

The Ecuadorian flag flies as we hang out on the deck of the Coral I.  We spent a lot of time traveling between islands, but the ship and crew were very nice and we had a great time.  From the deck we could watch for sea birds and mammals, and at night we stargazed.  The waters were pretty calm, too, so no problems with seasickness.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

From Española.

This cool blowhole (“El Soplador”) is created when waves crash into the lava fissures of the cliffs of Española, one of the oldest of the Galápagos islands.  To get here, it’s a little hike from the Punta Suarez landing site, along which you can also see colonies of blue footed boobies and waved albatrosses, among other things.  These islands have so many fascinating sights, even in addition to the unique animals!