Weekly Photo Challenge: Now


From La Selva Ecolodge, Ecuador.

Though this photo was taken 8.5 years ago (!), I felt it was connected to my present because we had a beautiful full moon recently, and it’s also been unseasonably warm, reminding me of time spent near the equator.

And now I think it is time for me to move closer to the present with the photos I share; this will be my last photo from my trip to the Galápagos and Ecuador.

Next year, I will begin showcasing photos from my recent trip to Ireland.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

Is the moon a star or a planet?

Came across this video today and just about died laughing.

I absolutely adore Isaac Mizrahi (he’s probably my favorite Project Runway judge) so I was completely tickled by his arguments that the moon is “such a planet” because “things live on it.”  I’m pretty sure his point is that the moon can’t be a star because it has a hard surface one can stand on.  Which, to be fair, isn’t terrible logic.  In a darling 4-year-old kind of way.

Oh, those poor models.

Thanks to J. Bryan Lowder for sharing this gem on Slate’s Outward blog today 🙂 Check it out: