Fan Art Friday: A Mandalorian

Welcome back to our Star Wars coloring book club, where every now and then Kiri from Star Wars Anonymous and I color the same image to compare and contrast.

I had to double check that this was Jango Fett and not Boba before I started coloring. The double pistols are the clear giveaway that this guy’s armor should be blue. Also, his armor looks so nondescript, no personality or wear.

I have been a fan of Mandalorians since way back in Legends when Boba Fett’s real name was Jaster Meerel. (This has since been retconned at least twice.) I especially loved the Mando culture set out in Karen Traviss’s Legends books and the Knights of the Old Republic video games. The Clone Wars series also added some interesting things.

I am pleased to report that I finally have Disney+ and of course the first show I’m watching is The Mandalorian. I’m enjoying it vastly, spending half of the episode squeeing over Baby Yoda and the other half squeeing over the cinematography, music, scenery, and getting to see a live action loth-cat.

I considered coloring this picture as Mando from the show, but his armor is even more boring and colorless than Jango’s. Also, I couldn’t do that to poor Jango who’s already overlooked as it is.

Revisiting KOTOR II: (#8) Dantooine…we’re on Dantooine

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Dantooine is our last planet on our quest, and it’s also where things started to go a little off-track for me.  You may have noticed the time between these KOTOR II posts is getting longer; I blame Dantooine.

I knew that Dantooine was where my character Tyria Drace planned to meet all the Jedi Masters once she located them, so I kind of thought it would be nice to go there last so I could just continue the story after finishing the planet quests.  It turns out that Dantooine is a terrible choice for a last planet.  Not only was it a bit anticlimactic, but a bunch of glitches also popped up here which made me frustrated, and I started to lose interest in the game.

Because of the crystal caves, Dantooine is a great place to get lightsaber crystals…except that I’ve already souped up my lightsaber over the past several planets, so that didn’t help me all that much.  In fact, already having a lightsaber and wearing it openly made the natives kind of hostile to me, which didn’t help either.

Even this random crate behind the city compound has a lightsaber crystal.  I also got "Jolee's Robe" from a drop.
Even this random crate behind the city compound has a lightsaber crystal. I also got “Jolee’s Robe” from a drop.

On our way to the Jedi Enclave, we ran into a group of Mandalorian mercenaries.  I switched Mandalore into my party to get an interesting scene that actually made me mildly glad I’d visited Onderon and Dxun first.  Mandalore tried to command the Mandalorians to leave Dantooine and join the clan on Dxun, but they were rather unwilling.  So he easily beat up some poor unarmed merc, and then they were rather more willing.

Mandalore doing his thing.
Mandalore doing his thing.

We headed to the Jedi Enclave, which looks quite a bit more dilapidated than it did in the original KOTOR.

Unfortunately, I missed a quest prompt back in the Khoonda city building regarding a thief that hides in the enclave, so I wasn’t able to do that quest at all. Bummer.

I did meet my last companion in the temple, though: Mical, the Disciple, whom I recall being pretty lame.  Even worse, I had Atton with me when I met the Disciple (because I always have Atton in my party), and he was pissed that I let the Disciple join our party.  Ugh, boys.

I was already having trouble getting Atton to spill about his mission on Dxun because I was lacking influence, and now I’m even worse off.  I seem to have hit a wall in the conversations with all my companions, and I don’t know what to do to get more influence with them and get more of their backstories.  (Atton is the only one I’ve been able to turn into a Jedi.)  I really wish this was like The Old Republic and I could just toss companion gifts at them to get them to like me.

I did enjoy the “new” scene involving a Padawan hiding in the temple, but the Padawan had no vocal dialogue track so it skipped through her dialogue really quickly and I’m not sure I caught all of it.

Restored Padawan content
Restored Padawan content

Our next stop was the crystal caves, which are crawling with kinrath.  A mercenary there has a device made from a kinrath gland that lets him walk undetected among them, and so I get to say one of my favorite lines:

Yeah, the persuade doesn't work on him.  No gland for me.
Yeah, the persuade doesn’t work on him. No gland for me.

I had some problems in the cave; at one point my Force points wouldn’t refill and the graphics got messed up.  Also I got killed by the kinrath boss because it didn’t notice it in the mob of other kinrath until it killed my companions and by that point I was screwed.

Something's not quite right here...
Something’s not quite right here…

Heading back to Khoonda city I hit another fun glitch where my character was gliding around instead of running.  And when I went to set up the city’s defenses in preparation for a mercenary attack, the mines I set went invisible.  Hmmmm.

I successfully lead Khoonda’s troops to victory against the attacking mercenaries, in some of the easiest combat in the entire game thus far.  Hopefully now the people of Dantooine won’t hate Jedi so much anymore.

I’ve now met all the Jedi Masters in hiding throughout the galaxy and it’s time to meet them all together in the Jedi Enclave.

I forgot to check the exact time again, but it’s around 39 hrs 30 min  play time.  Next time we’ll be starting end game content, and I think I’ll be less snarky.

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Revisiting KOTOR II: (#5) Mandalorians are from New Zealand…or Dxun

Start with the first post in this series here: Revisiting KOTOR II: (#1) A Fresh Start.

At the end of our last post, our ship (the Ebon Hawk) had been attacked en route to Onderon; we managed to land mostly-successfully on the moon Dxun.  While Atton repairs the ship, I go exploring and discover an Mandalorian enclave.

Here I meet the new Mandalore, who’s trying to reunite all the Mandalorian clans.  These famed warriors don’t actually hate Jedi; they respected Revan (and me as well) as worthy opponents.  Mandalore promises to take me to Onderon in his shuttle if I prove myself first.

So my next hour of gameplay consisted of me running around the jungle killing various beasts.  It reminded greatly of Dromund Kaas in SWTOR.

My party on Dxun; Visas Marr replaces Atton, who is fixing the ship.

Speaking of SWTOR, I discovered another habit from that game I need to break: hitting Esc during a conversation to abort the convo and choose a different dialogue option next time.  Does not work in KOTOR.  Pick your responses well the first time.

The good news is that through a random drop I got a purple lightsaber crystal!  And a lightsaber for Visas Marr as well.

Much better!  Still working on finding prettier head gear though…

I’ve been noticing that KOTOR II is really steeped in the in-game history of Revan and the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil wars, which may be confusing to anyone who has not played KOTOR I.  I remember the first game quite well, but KOTOR II is good at giving refreshers when needed.  And there’s enough mystery surrounding my character’s role in these prior events that it keeps the game interesting and not a boring history lesson.

Interacting with my companions continues to be my favorite part of the game.  Kreia teaches me how to read my team’s surface thoughts(!), and when I hear Atton thinking about random strings of numbers and playing pazaak in his head, he teaches me how to use that technique to block others from reading my thoughts.

While I’m off in the jungle killing stuff with Visas and T3, the rest of my team is hanging out on the Ebon Hawk.  Bao-Dur gives nice upgrades to both his remote and the scary G0-T0 droid.  Of all my companions, Bao-Dur has known me the longest, having served as a tech under me in the war.  So Atton goes to him for a really awkward conversation about my character, along the lines of “You think a princess and a guy like me…?”  Poor Bao-Dur.

Success!  Atton is totally into me…

In the end, I manage to impress Mandalore enough that he takes me to Onderon…but he has to be in my party.  I immediately equipped him as a melee fighter (a trick I also pulled with Canderous in KOTOR I), because I have never understood why the game starts him with a ranged weapon when he has high Strength and Constitution, but low Dexterity.

Mandalore has a contact on Onderon that can help us find the Jedi Master hiding there…except this contact has been arrested for murder.  So we must first solve the murder to clear his name, which involves talking to a lot of people in the cantina.  Some are helpful.  Some are not.

Vix is not.

Solving the murder was fun, but Mandalore’s friend probably deserved to be in jail anyway because he’s a terrible doctor.

Onderon has an ongoing political struggle between its Queen and the General of the military forces (whom we’ve learned is the one that shot down the Ebon Hawk).  Things start to heat up right as the Jedi Master makes contact, and I’m forced to leave the planet when the General’s forces come after me.  So that thread is kind of left hanging for now, and we head on to the next closest planet: Korriban, the Sith homeworld  (Clone Wars fans know it as Moraband).

Korriban: At least it’s a dry heat.

We’re at 26 hrs 35 min total play time.  See you next time for some tomb raiding!

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