Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138 – Natural Light

Some of the most beautiful buildings are those that can harness natural light and bring it inside, giving the illusion of being outdoors. Churches in particular are good at this, often being tall buildings with lots of windows. La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona makes you feel as if you are walking in a forest, with the light filtering down through the trees.

St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, though done in a completely different style, is also amazing in this respect. The windows up high in the famous dome let heavenly rays of light come shining down.

Of course, natural light is part of what makes landscapes so compelling. In Ireland, the light is always changing as the clouds move, sometimes intense and sometimes soft. It’s part of what makes the “forty shades of green!”

How many shades can you see?

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #31: Landscapes


Some of my favorite landscapes were in Tuscany.  All the rolling hills and charming houses and farms, the neat rows of cypress and olive trees…it’s just iconic and beautiful and I could not take enough pictures.

My husband took this picture!

You can find more landscapes at the original Lens-Artist challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

From Dingle Peninsula.

We thought we were going for a walk on the beach, but our guide walked us up some paths cutting through farmers’ fields (complete with an escaped goat) to see a site with old fort ruins as well as a grave for unbaptised babies who died in the Famine—well worth a little walk.  There are many sites like these on privately owned lands, but because they are national monuments it’s expected that visitors are allowed access.

I took so. many. landscape photos in Ireland it was hard to pick just one for this challenge!  I took this quickly as we were hiking down, and it turned out to be one of my favorite photos from the trip.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape