Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

From Killarney National Park.

So much of Ireland’s landscape is rugged and wild, but sometimes it can seem extremely peaceful, too.  Killarney National Park, created in 1932, is a wonderful expanse of mountains, woods, rocks, lakes, and waterfalls.  We were biking through the park, which was frankly exhausting, but the views were quite restorative.

Speaking of rocks, the park has an interesting geological boundary, with one side underlain by Devonian (sandstone) rocks, and the other with Carboniferous (limestone) rocks.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!

From Killarney National Park.

We took a biking tour of this lovely park, and it was so fun!  We learned about the geology and wildlife of the park and saw some spectacular views.  It’s home to Ireland’s only wild population of red deer (Cervus elaphus), and we did get to see a few.

Also, I hadn’t biked in years and my legs felt like jelly at the end of our ride.  But sometimes pushing your limits can also be a kind of fun!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!