Saying Goodbye

Last week my kitty got sick quite suddenly and passed away, so it’s been a pretty rough time for our family.¬† Even if you guys didn’t know it, Jolee was instrumental to my blog because he always curled up next to me to keep me company when I was writing or reading.


We named him Jolee because he was a mix of black and white, therefore grey, and therefore reminded us of the grey Jedi Jolee Bindo from Knights of the Old Republic.

He turned out to be a grouchy busybody, just like the KOTOR character. ūüėĬ† He really liked to cause trouble and once jumped into the Christmas tree.¬† (He never tried it again. It was a very wet, prickly tree.)

His favorite toy was BB-8.

Yet he was so patient with our one-year-old son, and he always slept with me when my husband was on business trips.  He kept me company for hours upon hours as I played video games, worked on my novels during NaNoWriMo, blogged, read, or napped.  He had the softest, silkiest fur ever.

Cats are weird.

Jolee was with our family for nearly six years.¬† It wasn’t nearly enough.¬† We miss him every day, even just when we walk in the door and he’s not there to greet us.

Helper cats.

Thank you for adopting us as your family, Jolee. We love you always.


Jedi Kitties Juhani and Jolee

It’s been awhile since I posted cat pics!

We’ve now had Juhani for a year after adopting her from the shelter where I used to work. ¬†She’s a total sweetheart, and she gets along with younger brother Jolee really well (for the most part…).

I took her to the vet yesterday, and the doctor asked where she got her name. ¬†I said it was a character from a Star Wars video game, and she said, “Oh, like a Jedi?” ¬†I laughed and said yes, and then she said that the staff actually makes notes in the chart when animals are named after Jedi. ¬†Either it must be common, or the staff are all geeks. ūüôā


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy


This photo was taken under our bathroom door by my husband, B.  This is Jolee, named for Jedi Knight Jolee Bindo (keeping with my Star Wars theme for the month).

Like his namesake, a character from the Knights of the Old Republic video game, our Jolee sometimes get a little cranky.  Particularly when we shut him out of the bathroom.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

Welcome, Juhani!

After at least a year of “thinking about it,” my husband and I got a new cat in January! ¬†Her name is Juhani, after the Knights of the Old Republic character. ¬†You may recall that our other cat is named Jolee, also a KOTOR character.

Juhani (left) and Jolee from Knights of the Old Republic

Juhani is a female Cathar whom you meet on Dantooine; I think she is the only character where you have a choice as to whether she joins your party or not.

Our Juhani is around 4-5 years old and came from the local humane society where I used to work.  We wanted a cat that would be able to play with (or just tolerate) Jolee, who very active and attention-hungry.  In fact, we wanted a cat that was as little like Jolee as possible.  I love him, but one is enough.

Juhani arrived at the shelter with a broken jaw, possibly as the result of a car accident, and was healed enough to be put in the “adoptable” category just a few days before we came wandering into the shelter. ¬†We thought she was beautiful, and my husband even suggested that we could call her “Juhani” due to the orange stripes on her head. ¬†Her left ear is “tipped,” probably due to a spay-and-release program, and the end of her tail is white, just like Jolee’s.

We kept her separated in the spare bedroom for about a month, slowly introducing her to Jolee a few hours at a time.  It was actually a lot of work.  She is not super timid, but he has no manners and is overly enthusiastic around other cats.  He still occasionally greets her by walking up and swatting at her tail, or licking her paws while she naps.

We started by feeding them treats together, and then playing with a wand toy. ¬†He got squirted with the squirt gun when he was too aggressive and jumped on her (doesn’t help that he’s got several pounds on her). ¬†At some point, she bit him on the neck and it got infected, which earned him a trip to the vet and some antibiotics. ¬†Unfortunately, they made him nauseated, and he threw up all over the house for several days, including on our bed, in the office, and on a living room chair. ¬†At least he shouldn’t have any hairballs for awhile.

After about a month, she was unhappy being shut in the room every night, so one weekend we let her out 24/7 and no one died, so we have left her out ever since.  They eat together beautifully and even chase and roughhouse a bit with no hissing involved.  She is really a wonderful cat: laid-back, sweet, playful, and very much a lap cat.

We are making progress <3
We are making progress ‚̧

Liebster Award

liebsterblogaward-small1A big thank you to Hannah over at Things Matter for nominating me for a Liebster Award.  This award is meant to help bloggers discover new blogs and give some love to smaller blogs like mine.

I’d like to nominate some of my favorite blogs that I think should have more readers:

I know several of you guys already have Liebsters, so please please please don’t feel obligated to respond to this in any way. ¬†The last thing I want is for this to feel like a chain-letter obligation. ¬†Just know that I love your blogs, and I want others to be able to love them, too. ¬†If you feel like it, you can answer the same questions I’m answering below (which are the same ones Hannah answered).

Why did you decide to blog in the first place?

I wanted to get back into writing, with the goal of actually writing the stories/novels that have been floating around in my head for years. ¬†Writing about nerdy stuff was an obvious choice, because that’s what I’m mostly thinking/talking about anyway. ¬†My husband picked the blog name.

Name three of your pastimes or hobbies.

Does reading count? ¬†That is how I’d spend all my time if I could.

  1. Tennis (I was varsity in high school)
  2. Flute (I played through college and still play in my church choir)
  3. Crafty things (sewing, cross-stitch, scrapbooking)

If you could interview anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Maybe Jane Austen.  Or Martin Luther King Jr.  Or my grandfather who died before I was born.

Do you have any pets? If not, what would you consider getting?

I have a cat, Jolee Bindo. ¬†I’ve had hamsters, fish, and cats before. ¬†I love dogs, especially pit bulls, but they have way too much energy for me. ¬†Cats are more my style.

I’ve worked with rats, mice, cats, dogs, rabbits, goats, ponies, river otters, ducks,¬†muntjacs, etc. in my various jobs as well. ¬†Not the same as pets, but still.

What is your favorite movie and why?

Star Wars.  Return of the Jedi is probably my favorite of the original trilogy.

What is your favorite comic book and why? (If you don’t read comics, just name a favorite book).

¬†If we are counting graphic novels/manga, it’s hands-down Cardcaptor Sakura by the incomparable CLAMP. ¬†The artwork is incredible, and the story is beautiful. ¬†It was my introduction to anime and manga.

Also, I just raved about Saga recently. ¬†And Captain Marvel’s recent issues are pretty good, too.

What is your favorite Youtube channel?

Confession: I don’t watch YouTube. ¬†Like, at all, ever. ¬†It was probably about a year before I saw that Rebecca Black video “Friday.” ¬†But my husband watches it constantly. ¬†He’s watching as I type this. ¬†So thanks to him, I am a big fan of Nerdy Nummies, Dorkly, and The Warp Zone.

If you could cosplay as any character, who would it be and why?

Meiling Li from Cardcaptor Sakura.  I love her fighting costume.MeilingLi

What is your favorite topic to write about?

On this blog?  Books.  In fiction?  Magic (both arcane and divine), futuristic technology, friendships, and True Love.

What’s your favorite fandom?

Star Wars. ¬†I’ll see you all at the Episode VII premiere.