Weekly Photo Challenge: Details


From Dingle.

A lovely example of hand-cut Irish crystal.  We were able to watch some being cut at Sean Daly’s workshop. These pieces were recently done, not polished or anything yet, and you can still see the black guide marks.

He nicely tried to hand me some to feel the weight, and I was like uh-uh, I am not holding that, I will drop it or break it or something.  Someone else in our tour group can attest to its nice weight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

From Dingle, Ireland.

Some beautiful Irish crystal from the workshop of Dingle Crystal; I admired it so much I bought some!  It has a really nice weight and modern patterns in addition to more traditional ones.  These pieces were handcut by Waterford-trained Sean Daly—here he is in action:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration