Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

From Gougane Barra.

I’ve featured the lovely location of Gougane Barra before in photo challenges (like Textures), but I haven’t yet shown its cheeky side.  Our breakfast at the hotel, for example, was very happy to see us, and one of the building sports a cute old Guinness ad.  We found such charming touches all over Ireland amid the more serious history lessons and inspiring landscapes.  I think the Irish have a wonderful sense of humor!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky


Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

From Dublin.

I don’t particularly like Guinness; in fact, I would never willingly order any kind of stout here in the US.  But I heard the rumors that Guinness actually tastes different in Ireland (specifically in Dublin at the Guinness Storehouse), so I figured I had to at least try it while I was there.  I only got a half pint in case it was still terrible.

Guess what: the rumors are right.  I actually enjoyed this Guinness, which managed to be smooth and almost creamy and not totally bitter like I’m used to.  Some times experimenting pays off.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

From Dublin, Ireland.

We didn’t get to spend too much time at the Guinness Factory, just enough time to (surprisingly) enjoy a half pint in the sky bar and then browse the gift shop.  My eye was drawn to the pretty rows of glassware, though I wouldn’t really have any use for such things!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

From Dublin, Ireland.

Guinness from the factory: as pure as it gets.  I don’t really even like Guinness, but stopping at the Guinness Storehouse was a fun experience.  A pint in the top-floor Gravity Bar is included with admission, and we got to see the “proper” way to pour it.  My half pint is “settling” there in the middle.

I was surprised how much better Guinness tastes at the source.  It was much smoother, almost creamy, and less bitter than I have been used to here in the States.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure