Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

??????????From Isabela.

We saw these fascinating cliffs are we watched for penguins and seabirds.  Isabela is a geological wonder; it’s one of the “youngest” islands in the Galapagos chain, and it still has 5 active volcanoes.

If you look closely, you can see tiny red Sally Lightfoot crabs dotting the rocks by the water.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Pahoehoe lava

From Fernandina.

The Galápagos are volcanic islands, and although they are teeming with life, there’s plenty of bare rock as well.   Fernandina is one of the younger islands and has lots of lava fields, which are beautiful natural works of art.   This is pahoehoe lava, identified by its ropy shapes.  For reference, the field of view here is several feet, maybe 3-5 ft or 1-2 meters.