Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV


From Genovesa.

A red-footed booby hangs out in the mangroves.  This is a white morph; the plumage can also be brown, but the feet are always red and the bill always blue, with some pink at the corners.

Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

56From Genovesa.

Darwin Bay on Genovesa has one of those beautiful white sandy beaches that make for perfect tourism ad photos.  The white color comes from bits of coral that have washed up and broken down; here are some larger chunks of coral that can also be found on the beach.

That is my size 5.5 foot for scale.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion


From Genovesa.

A male frigatebird in flight, ID’d by his hooked beak, forked tail, and red throat pouch.  There are so many seabirds on the cliffs of Genovesa, it was easy to capture one (or several) in motion.  I think I see a green sheen to his feathers, which would make him a great frigatebird; purple would indicate a magnificent frigatebird.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

?????????? From Genovesa.

Genovesa, aka Tower, is a horseshoe-shaped island whose cliffs form natural walls.  We watched the tide come in on this beach at the Darwin Bay landing site.  The bay is formed from a collapsed caldera (like Crater Lake), giving the island its distinctive shape and fortress-wall-like cliffs.  Later, we climbed Prince Philip’s steps to get a view from the top.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Weekly Photo Challenge: New


From Genovesa.

A new life enters the world; this booby chick is just old enough to be out of the nest, but still has his baby down feathers.  He’s so young I can’t tell what species of booby he is (I’d guess red-footed or Nazca based on the other pictures I took from this area).  As he (or she) grows to become a juvenile, he will molt the down feathers and get his adult coloring.


Weekly Photo Challenge: New