Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

From Santa Cruz.

This Galápagos tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) shows off the grid-like pattern of his shell.  This is a fairly small tortoise; they frequently get to be 400-600 lbs with a carapace length of around 3-5 ft. We saw many others of varying sizes on Santa Cruz, both in the wild like this one and also at the Charles Darwin Research Station, where certain subspecies are part of a captive breeding program.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration


From Santa Cruz.

The famous Galápagos tortoises were part of Charles Darwin’s inspiration for the theory of natural selection as the mechanism of evolution.  The tortoises’ shells differ depending on what island they are from, indicating adaptive radiation.

For me, they were part of my inspiration to travel the world and see all its wonders.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration