Lens-Artists Challenge #28 – CURVES


La Pedrera by Antoni Gaudí is a classic example of the organic curves of Catalan modernisme architecture.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #27: My Travels

I’ve been lucky enough to travel on three continents; I’ve been to Europe three times and saw new and special things each time.  I can’t wait to go back, but for now I will just have to enjoy looking at the memories of my travels.

Ireland, 2015

I took a tour around the country with my mom, and this was a quick shot on a hike that turned out to be one of my favorites.  It encompasses so much about the beautiful country.


Venice, 2012

We took a cruise in the Mediterranean, and coming into Venice in the morning was one of the highlights.  It’s an incredible way to see a beautiful city.


Sicily, 2012

We didn’t just see big cities in Europe, though.  We were able to get out into the countryside in a few countries like Croatia and also Italy.  Here we traveled up a mountain to see the sanctuary and Roman ruins at Tindari, giving us these incredible views.


Lisboa, 2007

While studying in Spain, a group of friends and I made a memorable weekend trip to Portugal, where we got along with a smattering of English and Spanish.  (And we learned a few words by the time we left.)  Lisboa is a beautiful city and one of the first on my list to return to some day.  The Belém Tower is one of several historical sites we were able to see.


Salamanca, 2007

Of all the places I’ve been to in Europe, my heart truly belongs to Salamanca.  This is the iconic Plaza Mayor, where many friends were met with and many drinks were had.  It is a wonderful city for young people, and I learned so much during my months there.  I hope to take my family there someday so they can see the place where I grew so much.  It is precious not only for its people and sites, but for the memories now attached to them.

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thnks fr th mmrs

I have been scrapbooking with Creative Memories for at least 15 years, so it is with a heavy heart that I, and all the other loyal customers, must say goodbye to the company as we know it.  Creative Memories’ parent company is undergoing restructuring following Chapter 11; CM will re-launch as a new company on November 1st.

I just received my scrapbook of my European cruise, and while it came out great, it’s a little sad knowing that this was my last order from Creative Memories.  They will no longer be doing digital scrapbooking with their current programs, and will pare down their “traditional” line to mostly pre-designed albums.  Here are more details if you’re interested.

I have done scrapbooks for many of the important events in my life, including school years, my wedding, and college trips to Spain and the Galapagos.  It’s been such to fun relive the memories as I scrap them, and I’d like to share some here.

We’ll start with some of the albums of vacations my husband and I have taken.  These were done digitally with Storybook Creator.

Europe scrapbook = done and ordered

Finally.  All 100 pages of the digital scrapbook I have been working on since our trip in September 2012 are completed, uploaded, and ordered.  I did about half those pages in the past few weeks!  I am a little bit procrastinator, but mostly just a perfectionist.  I’ve already found things I wish I had done better…

Usually, I like to make my own page layouts for scrapbooks, but with my time crunch I had to fall back on pre-designed page templates (I use Creative Memories software and artwork for digital).  I spent soooo much time sorting photos and deciding which ones I wanted to used (we took ~2000 photos in Europe) that I didn’t have enough time to be really creative with the actual pages.  But I’m still pretty pleased with the result.  Here’s a few sample pages from the book:

A few more photos from Europe

One last round of photos from our trip to Europe last year.  I am making progress on my digital scrapbook.

Our last stops were Venice, which I liked more than I anticipated; historic Dubrovnik; Tindari in Sicily; and my favorite, the lovely Palma de Mallorca.  I have visited so many parts of Spain and I have loved all of them; ending our trip with Palma felt like coming home.  And I got to try a tasty “ensaimada” pastry.