Weekly Photo Challenge: Now


From La Selva Ecolodge, Ecuador.

Though this photo was taken 8.5 years ago (!), I felt it was connected to my present because we had a beautiful full moon recently, and it’s also been unseasonably warm, reminding me of time spent near the equator.

And now I think it is time for me to move closer to the present with the photos I share; this will be my last photo from my trip to the Galápagos and Ecuador.

Next year, I will begin showcasing photos from my recent trip to Ireland.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

From La Selva Ecolodge, Ecuador.

I was thrilled to see a group of these ornate birds, called hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin) or stinkbird.  Their genus name is apparently ancient Greek meaning “wearing long hair behind” in reference to the large crest on their heads.

I had been wanting to see a hoatzin since I was taking fake pictures of them in the rainforest in the 90s PC game Amazon Trail.

The Amazon Trail

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

From La Selva Ecolodge, Ecuador.

This was the back patio of our cabin at La Selva.  While we didn’t spend too much time just hanging out at the cabin, I was able to spend a few minutes occasionally observing on this porch.  I saw a group of hoatzins, a reptile I later identified as a tegu, and a group of monkeys (more “heard” than “saw”).

Just to be able to relax and watch was a wonderful part of my trip to the rainforest.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

From La Selva Ecolodge, Ecuador.

This caterpillar is ready to start pupating to change into a butterfly.  This intermediary stage is called the chrysalis stage in butterflies.  At the lodge’s butterfly house we got a close-up view of many native species.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change