National Poetry Month: Easter in Quarantine

I am never going to hold still for your Instagram pictures;

it will take me ‘til 4pm to find all the eggs you’ve hidden.

Maybe someday I will understand how this time 

has shaped the world we live in.

It will always have been part of my reality.

Right now I just want to run up and down

       up and down

              into the bushes.

We will all get haircuts eventually.


Where you want to put a period, God and I put a comma.

This is not the end.

He is risen, indeed, and so have the hyacinths.

Up and down; world without end, amen.

The hunt for Darth Vader

Darth Vader was chillin in my medicine cabinet.

The Easter Bunny came to my house last night, and he left a bunch of…Darth Vaders?  We bought these Vader-shaped Easter eggs at Target (they have jelly beans in them).  My husband hid them so well I still haven’t found them all!

Happy Easter to all.  After Mass my family had a “traditional” dinner with ham and all that.  I made an angel food cake with strawberries for dessert (using this recipe).  It was super easy with my beautiful new stand mixer!  Angel food cakes are fun because you start by whipping a bunch of egg whites.  It’s so cool to see a cup of liquidy egg slime eventually fill up a whole bowl with fluff.  Yay science!

Got peeps? Peepshi = Peep sushi

Did you get Peeps for Easter?  Why not try something out of the ordinary with them this year…

Two years ago, Serious Eats came up with Peepshi: Peeps made into sushi-shaped concoctions.  I hate seafood and seaweed, and love anything sweet, so this is a kind of sushi I can actually get behind!  Like a good nerd couple, my husband and I added it to our Easter traditions.

Here are the step-by-step directions for making Peepshi: How to make Peepshi

You need three basic ingredients: Peeps for the “meat,” Rice Krispie Treats for the rice, and Fruit by the Foot for the nori.  Combine them to make different kinds of rolls, nigiri, etc.  It’s even better if you have several colors of Peeps.

The end result is delicious, but a little overly sweet.  Just like real sushi, don’t eat too many in one sitting!