Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #55 – Dreamy


Ireland has many dreamy locations, particularly on the beautiful western coast.  The day we went to Lough Annascaul in the Dingle Peninsula, the misty weather gave it a dream-like quality.

You can find more dreamy scenes at the original Lens-Artist challenge.  You can also check out some dreamy sea lions from the Galápagos from when the Weekly Photo Challenge had the same theme.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy


From Española.

Galápagos sea lions (Zalophus wollebaeki) are plentiful on the islands’ picturesque beaches.  Doesn’t this seem like a great place to curl up?

The Galápagos sea lions were thought to be a subspecies of the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus), but genetic studies have supported their classification as their own species.  Visually, they look closely related, and they are still in the same genus.  They are native to the islands, and also have been seen at other nearby islands, such as Isla de la Plata and Isla del Coco.