Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

From Dingle.

I wanted to take a shot of one of the main squares in quaint Dingle, while at the same time highlighting something very important about it: ice cream.  Murphy’s is “handmade in Dingle,” and could legitimately be called the best ice cream ever.  I think I had chocolate and sea salt flavors in this dish (but I sampled several, all good).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus


Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!


From County Cork, Ireland.


One of the interesting features of the grounds around Blarney Castle is the Poison Garden.  As the name implies, the plants here are various poisons, including wolfsbane, mandrake, and ricin.  There are signs basically warning you to enter at your own risk, and not touch anything!

Pictured here is common juniper, Juniperus communis, a very common ornamental shrub (especially common in Ireland, too).  The berries are edible, but bitter.  They have some medicinal uses, even possibly acting as a contraceptive or abortifacient.  They are also thought to be toxic to dogs.

Remember, the poison is always in the dose!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

From Dingle Peninsula.

This trip that I have been documenting in my Weekly Photo Challenges was an eight-day trip around Ireland that I took with my mom in 2015.  This particular morning, we had been scheduled to walk on the beach in Dingle, but our tour guide had a better idea: a hike up a little hillside through some farmer’s fields to find some old ruins and a Famine graveyard for unbaptized babies.

We wandered past some ornery goats, some picturesque cows, and through tall, wet fields, all the while getting such lovely views as this one.  I’ve often found that just doing some wandering is the best way to see and understand a place.  I certainly came away with a great appreciation for Ireland!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds


From Dingle, Ireland.


I actually love taking pictures of cars when I travel.  As part of a scrapbook, they really provide context for the time and place I visited.  I also love European cars, which are typically smaller than American ones, and you would never see a row of hatchbacks like this in the US.

But I was surprised to find that one of these cars is the exact same model as my own here in Ohio!  Color and everything.  What are the odds? (Actually pretty good, it’s a popular model both here and in Europe. >_< But I was still tickled.  Plus, mine is a stick shift, and I’m guessing these are, too.)

Can you guess which car is mine? ~_^

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude


From Dingle.

This was my view at breakfast one morning in Dingle: a very peaceful (and Irish) way to start the day.  As an introvert, I find solitude very refreshing.  It’s wonderful to be able to collect your thoughts, perhaps over a cup of tea, and enjoy the scenery.  Perhaps this cow felt similarly.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude