Winnie-the-Pooh cross stitch for Baby Girl

The holidays were a great time to work on some crafty projects.  I just finished up a wall hanging for the baby of a dear friend.  I’ve done a Winnie-the-Pooh cross stitch for each of her children, and this was for her first girl.

I got the pattern from a book called “P is for Pooh” that I bought a few years back.  I actually mixed two patterns: the Pooh+flowers design is from one pattern, and border is from another.  I adjusted the size of the border to fit the frame and mat I bought.  The text font is actually from a third pattern.

I love doing these for friends and family, but I’m a little behind.  I haven’t even started the kit I bought for my niece that was born last year!

Blue Elephant Stamped Cross-stitch

I recently became an aunt again, so I busted out the cross-stitch to make a baby present.  My sister-in-law loves elephants, so a lot of the things I make for my nieces have elephants on them.  These elephants come in various colors, but pretty much never actually grey, like real elephants.  These ones are blue.

In any case, I picked this stamped cross-stitch bib because it looked simple (I did one like it for my other niece), but in fact, it had two types of embroidery that I’d never done before.  The butterfly wings were done with satin stitch, which basically fills in the whole area, and the antennae (and the grass) were done with stem stitch, which is like an overlapping backstitch.