Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

From Beara Peninsula.

Our guide knew of a stone circle on some property up on a hill.  However, upon our arrival we discovered that a herd of cows was there before us, already appreciating the site.  There was a bull in with them, so we approached slowly and waited for them to clear off before heading into the field.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

From Inishmore, Aran Islands.

We met this guy as we were walking up to Dun Aengus fort.  You never know when you’ll meet cows or sheep in the Irish countryside, as there are so many and they just tend to roam all over, and lines between private vs. public lands are often blurry (especially to the animals).

The ground in the Aran Islands is very rocky, so to make fields for grazing and farming, much of the rock has been pulled up and put into lovely little stone fences everywhere, miles and miles of them.  You can see several in the foreground and background of the picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude


From Dingle.

This was my view at breakfast one morning in Dingle: a very peaceful (and Irish) way to start the day.  As an introvert, I find solitude very refreshing.  It’s wonderful to be able to collect your thoughts, perhaps over a cup of tea, and enjoy the scenery.  Perhaps this cow felt similarly.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude


Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


From Beara Peninsula.

This tiny calf will soon grow to be as large as the other adults in the field.  We were there in July, so I’m guessing he was less than a year old.

We saw nearly as many cows as sheep while in Ireland; the Irish are very proud of their dairy industry, and with good reason.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

From Beara Peninsula, Ireland.

This is one of the dozens of ancient stone circles all over the rugged Beara Peninsula, as well as the whole country of Ireland.  They were made thousands of years ago, and there are various theories as to their purpose.

There were a bunch of cows hanging out in the field with this circle, and our group was about to climb the fence into the field with them when our guide noticed a bull in there with them as well.  We all backed down slowly!  They kind of slowly wandered away from us so we were eventually able to approach the circle safely.  You can see the remnants of the herd in the right background of the photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle