Fan Art Friday: Sakura calls on JUMP

Sakura jump2


Another Cardcaptor Sakura sketch.  Here she has her staff from the second story arc, with the Sakura cards, and she has just used the JUMP card (maybe still in her hand).  The costume is my design.  She has cool boots, and some kind of tulle coming out from an underskirt.

I really like her hair in this one!  And the cape.  I was obviously trying to indicate some movement during her jump.

This is dated 2003 at the bottom.  This is when I was in high school, almost 15 years ago!

Fan Art Friday: Sakura-hime with Sword


Another sketch from high school: Cardcaptor Sakura in a medieval-ish princess dress—an original design based off a ballet costume I wore as a Court Lady in Cinderella.  It would be scarlet if there were color.  Sakura has already used the Sword card to transform her staff.

This drawing was also slightly inspired by the episode where Sakura and Syaoran perform a gender-swapped Sleeping Beauty.


The brooch at her waist is the wing design that she uses all the time (on her staff, etc.).

Example of Sakura’s wing motif

Fan Art Friday: Li Meiling loves fall

Fall Meiling

Here’s another from my high school sketchbook.  Meiling Li is my favorite character from my favorite anime (and the inspiration for my pen name).  I drew her a lot, in various outfits and hairstyles.

Here I gave her braids instead of her trademark odango.  She’s wearing “civilian” clothes but the top takes some influence from the Chinese style of her battle costume.

There’s a lot that’s cringe-worthy about this sketch (the feet eeeeeek), but I love her hair, her expression, and the leaves and wind swirls.