Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

From La Selva Ecolodge, Ecuador.

This caterpillar is ready to start pupating to change into a butterfly.  This intermediary stage is called the chrysalis stage in butterflies.  At the lodge’s butterfly house we got a close-up view of many native species.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half


From La Selva Ecolodge, Ecuador.

The butterfly house at La Selva was beautiful.  They house many different native species through their whole life cycle.  These four are clustered on a sponge feeder; butterflies drink all their food, mostly nectar.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped


From La Selva Ecolodge, Ecuador.

Caterpillars have wrapped themselves in cocoons, to emerge later as butterflies.  The butterfly house at La Selva had many different species, and here are a selection of the diverse cocoons they make.  My husband says the ones on the bottom left look like Pokemon (he actually said Kakuna, but I’m thinking Metapod).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur


From Santa Cruz.

We briefly explored these giant lava tubes on Santa Cruz island; they formed long ago when surface lava cooled and hardened, but the hot lava in the center still flowed, leaving big cave-like tunnels.  It’s a fascinating part of the islands’ geological history.  It was dark down in the tube, so all my pictures are terrible, but I thought this one had a cool composition, looking up and out of the cave.

I want to share this butterfly photo from La Selva Ecolodge in Ecuador, because it was the one my husband picked for this challenge ❤


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur