Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

From Dublin.


In such a big city with lots of traffic, alternate means of transportation is required; one such popular method is rental bikes, such as these just outside St. Stephen’s Green.  I didn’t do any biking in the city, but I did really enjoy how nice the bikes looked all lined up.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!

From Killarney National Park.

We took a biking tour of this lovely park, and it was so fun!  We learned about the geology and wildlife of the park and saw some spectacular views.  It’s home to Ireland’s only wild population of red deer (Cervus elaphus), and we did get to see a few.

Also, I hadn’t biked in years and my legs felt like jelly at the end of our ride.  But sometimes pushing your limits can also be a kind of fun!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!