Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

From Dingle Peninsula.

Remember that beehive hut from the “Spare” Photo Challenge?  Today’s picture is a view from the inside.  These huts were made with no mortar, like a stone igloo.  But there needs to be some ventilation at the top!  This hut was quite tall enough to stand up in, but our whole group had trouble fitting in at once.

The monks who lived in these had a truly spare existence; they felt that avoiding material things and the comforts of the world would help bring them closer to God.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

From Dingle Peninsula.

These “beehive” huts were used as homes by ascetic monks centuries ago—a spare existence, indeed.  They are made only of stone, with no mortar.  There are also examples of these structures on Skellig Michael.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare