Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

From Baltra.

We had just boarded the Coral I to begin our tour of the Galápagos and I was interested in getting a shot of the view from the ship’s windows as we pulled away from Baltra.  Traveling around by boat was actually pretty fun!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio


Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat


From Baltra.

This might be the first picture I took in the Galápagos; I was admiring the coastline in Baltra as we waited to board our ship, the Coral I, for our week-long tour of the islands.

Baltra, being flat and centrally located, has the islands’ main airport.  The island, also known as South Seymour, was a US military base in WWII and now is an Ecuadorian military base.  It is also home to a successfully re-introduced colony of land iguanas.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat