Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #62: Silhouettes

The tiny silhouettes of the jagged rocks gives a hint of the condition of Ballycarbery Castle, the ruins of a 16th century castle.  It’s beautifully situated on the water, with fields and cows surrounding it.

You can find more silhouettes at the original Lens-Artist challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


From Cahersiveen, County Kerry.

Ballycarbery Castle has seen many kinds of growth over the years.  The current ruins were once a castle, home to the McCarthy family, built around the 15th or 16th centuries.  Nowadays it features a different kind of growth as the ruins have become covered in vines and wild flowers.  A bit more aesthetically pleasing if less functional!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

From Cahersiveen, County Kerry.

Structure can be either natural or man-made.  I love this contrast between the old castle wall at Ballycarbery and the rambling vine work that is overtaking it.  Two very different kinds of structure coming together in a beautiful way.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

From County Kerry.

The view from Cahergal Ring Fort included a surprise preview of Ballycarbery Castle out by the water.  Amid the modern houses, the 16th century ruins still stand tall.  We visited the castle immediately after the ring fort; you can see some closer images of the ruins here, here, and here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names


From Cahersiveen, County Kerry.

Ballycarbery Castle dates from around the 15th century; though now in ruins, it has attracted its share of visitors over the years, including some who left their names in its rocks.

Though in general I don’t condone defacing buildings, I kind of love old graffiti like this.  It gives you another sense of the history of the place.

Though the mark of “J. Lyons” in 1874 may seem recent for the place, it’s practically ancient history to us Americans. 😀  And even 1999 may seem like ancient history for “J+M” now!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names