Goodbye 2015; Hello 2016!

Happy New Year! It’s time for a year-end wrap up here on Jedi by Knight.  Here’s my annual report from WordPress:

Some of the stats there are a little misleading though, so here’s a bit of a summary of my own.


My blog once again grew a lot last year, which I’m very happy about.  I’ll be happy if it grows even more this next year!

More views last year than my first 3 years combined!

The vast majority of my hits came from the US, but the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, France, Italy, and India round out my top 10.  I think someone in Singapore linked my post Who’s That Pokemon…girl? because I got a spike on that post, and Singapore, and Facebook referrals about two months ago.

I had hits from 32 new countries/territories this year, but I also missed 17 that I had last year.

The top 5 posts I wrote this year were:

  1. Oh what a spray! What a lovely spray!
  2. Birthday Jungle
  3. Is the moon a star or a planet?
  4. Revisiting KOTOR II: (#2) Get me off Telos!
  5. Reports of the EU’s demise have been greatly exaggerated (mostly because I pissed off some die-hard EU fans)

Here are some of my favorite search terms that lead people to my blog this year:

  • “who is the pilot in reached” continues to be the leader
  • “lying cat” (yay! Lying cat is awesome!)
  • “watch facing the inside”
  • “twi’lek pumpkin cheesecake”
  • “is telos the end of kotor 2” (hahaha no)
  • “when does phileas fogg have the idea of a hot air ballon” (short answer: he doesn’t.)
  • “samwise gamgee as the embodiment of tolkien”
  • “how to say springerle”
  • “did phylis fog use a balloon in 80 day” (I’m just tickled about “Phylis Fog”)
  • “poe gay star wars board”
  • “lightsaber stick shift”
  • “is she singing japanese on the surface pro 3 commercial 2014” (Nope, that’s Korean.)
  • “introvert hate haircuts”
  • “buying shadow of revan gets me what” (I don’t know, since I never bought it)

As far as the blog in 2016, things will mostly be the same, a mix of nerdy, geeky, and crafty stuff.  I probably won’t be doing as many “series” of posts, because those didn’t seem be to be all that well-received.

I’m also going to be switching my Weekly Photo Challenge posts from my Galápagos photos to the photos I took in Ireland this summer.  Look for those starting next week.

What would you all like to see from the blog this year?

Looking forward to 2015


Happy New Year!  Best wishes to all for the coming year.

Last year my blog grew tremendously; according to the “stats helper monkeys” I posted 116 times, and received around 7,000 views from 104 countries.  Considering that as I write this I’m at 10,737 views, 2014 hits make up the vast majority of that.  Here are 2 graphs that show how significant 2014 was for my blog:



That crazy bump in March was when my Introvert Haircut post randomly got linked by an introvert Facebook group—564 views alone on one day.

Thank you to everyone in the community that has taken the time to stop by to read and/or comment on my blog.  I hope I can keep my blog growing in 2015.  I will continue with my Weekly Photo Challenge: Galápagos posts on Mondays for now, and hopefully get out one other post per week.  I may also start messing with the layout and formatting because I’m growing unsatisfied with my current theme.

As a habitual planner, I have many goals for 2015.  I want to write more of my novel that’s been slowly growing through 2 NaNoWriMos, and maybe start some of the others in my head.  I want to do more gaming, and write about it here.  I want to read more “grown-up” books; as I mentioned yesterday, I read a lot of YA last year, and while I love it and will continue to read it, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of great literature.  I want to explore new geekery!  Most of all, I want to figure out what makes me happy, and do it.  Seems like the simplest thing in the world, but it’s really the quest of a lifetime.

Anything you would like to hear more about from me in the new year?