Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

From Dublin.

Two weeks ago, for the Transient challenge, I posted a picture taken from the busy O’Connell Bridge in Dublin; this is a shot of that same bridge from the side.  There are so many awesome bridges across the River Liffey in Dublin I had such a hard time choosing for this post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

From Dublin.

The Jeanie Johnston is a replica of a ship from the 1800s that carried over 2,500 Irish emigrants to the Americas.  She sits near the Customs House on the River Liffey in Dublin, and you can even go on board to take a look around and see how the journey was for these travelers.  This ship symbolizes their transition between their home country and their new homes of Canada and the US, where their descendants are now legion.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

From Dublin.

O’Connell Bridge across the River Liffey is in the heart of the city of Dublin.  I can only image how many people drive and walk over it daily; I did both during my stay in the capital.  It was fun to watch all the activity from the top of a tour bus.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

From Dingle.

I wanted to take a shot of one of the main squares in quaint Dingle, while at the same time highlighting something very important about it: ice cream.  Murphy’s is “handmade in Dingle,” and could legitimately be called the best ice cream ever.  I think I had chocolate and sea salt flavors in this dish (but I sampled several, all good).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus