Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #41: Delicious

We’re back to Europe this week, specifically Ireland and the glorious food we ate there.  I love taking pictures of my food but I don’t usually post them anywhere because nobody cares.  We had so many good meals in Ireland, though.  In Dublin we had Spanish and Indian food in addition to pub fare, plus a lovely tea at Gallaher’s.  In Gougane Barra we had one of our fancier meals that was delicious as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Main course

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Lens-Artists Challenge #40 – Something Different

If you guys have been viewing my photos over the years, you know all about my travels and know what to expect–maybe some fields in Ireland, flowers and birds in the Galapagos, or buildings in Rome.

So today we’re throwing all that out the window for something completely different: a simple still life photo of everyday life with a toddler.


I took this one on impulse with my phone, not staged at all.  The light was pouring in the window and I couldn’t help capturing the moment.  My kid likes to scribble but is mostly interested in simply taking the crayons out of the box and them putting them back in.


I’m sure next week we’ll be back to Europe for photos.  Don’t worry, I’m not planning on switching to being a mommy blogger any time soon!

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Fan Art Friday: Ephant Mon

Welcome back to our Star Wars coloring book club, where Kiri at Star Wars Anonymous and I color the same image every month to compare and contrast.  You can check out her version here.


This one is nothing spectacular, but I kind of liked that it is simple.  Ephant Mon is a very colorless character, both literally and metaphorically.  He has grey skin (like an elephant) and a very neutral robe, so I put in some happy, spring-like colors to liven up the picture.

Ephant Mon is a very overlooked character from Return of the Jedi; he is one of Jabba’s cronies and appears in one scene in the palace.  His name is literally a corruption of Elephant Man; as a kid I got him confused with Max Rebo, because I thought he looked like an elephant, too.  In Legends stories, Ephant Mon was the head of Jabba’s security force and got his own short story as part of Tales from Jabba’s Palace, called “Old Friends: Ephant Mon’s Tale.”

I have no idea why they felt the need to include him in this coloring book, but I like it!  I had a good time coloring this one because I am watching the end of The Clone Wars before it leaves Netflix.  I had never gotten to see the Lost Episodes.  And there will be more new episodes when TCW moves to the new Disney streaming service!

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #39 – Hello April

I love taking pictures of orchids; they are just so photogenic.  My mom’s petite orchids are blooming in her kitchen window, a lovely welcome to April.

However, here in Ohio, it is snowing and freezing outside.  Check out the ice on the window!

In that second photo, you can see a female cardinal on the bush outside if you look closely in the center.  The birds were very glad for the feed my parents put out today.

Here’s to spring coming soon.

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Lens Artists Photo Challenge #38 – Weathered or Worn

Ballcarbery Castle was once the home of the McCarthy family, built around the 15th/16th century.  Now it is being reclaimed by nature, exposed to the weather as well as some tourists and cows.


It was my favorite of all the ruins we visited in Ireland.  Around every corner there was some new beauty.

Apparently you cannot get this close to the castle anymore, but it is still worth a trip to Cahersiveen in County Kerry to see it.


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