Fan Art Friday: Sakura calls on JUMP

Sakura jump2


Another Cardcaptor Sakura sketch.  Here she has her staff from the second story arc, with the Sakura cards, and she has just used the JUMP card (maybe still in her hand).  The costume is my design.  She has cool boots, and some kind of tulle coming out from an underskirt.

I really like her hair in this one!  And the cape.  I was obviously trying to indicate some movement during her jump.

This is dated 2003 at the bottom.  This is when I was in high school, almost 15 years ago!

Fan Art Friday: It’s Time to D-D-Duel!

Yu-Gi-Oh! was one of my first anime, so of course it worked its way into my drawings in high school.

Tea card2

I always liked Téa (thought I liked Mai more…).  I traced most of her face (the eyes in particular are too good to be mine), and intended to draw a card in her hand, but I forget which one I was going to draw.

I meant to add more detail to this one, too, but never finished.  Note the glove holding Star Chips from Duelist Kindgom.  The card is the trap card Gift of the Mystical Elf, but her eyes are closed as they appear on the Mystical Elf monster card.  (I don’t know why I did that lol) The Mystical Elf was one of my favorite creatures from the anime.

I never had a chance to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! collector card game, which is like a version of the Duel Monsters card game played in the manga/anime.  But I’ve been playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links app game a lot recently, and it’s very fun.  I even have my own Gift of the Mystical Elf trap card!

The game play is really good, though not identical to the CCG or to the anime.  Several of the familiar cards have different effects/values/etc.

Playing Duel Links inspired me to start watching Yu-Gi-Oh! on Netflix again, especially after I realized I’d never seen all the episodes of Season 2 (the Battle City/Egyptian Gods arc).

Fan Art Friday: Sakura-hime with Sword


Another sketch from high school: Cardcaptor Sakura in a medieval-ish princess dress—an original design based off a ballet costume I wore as a Court Lady in Cinderella.  It would be scarlet if there were color.  Sakura has already used the Sword card to transform her staff.

This drawing was also slightly inspired by the episode where Sakura and Syaoran perform a gender-swapped Sleeping Beauty.


The brooch at her waist is the wing design that she uses all the time (on her staff, etc.).

Example of Sakura’s wing motif

Fan Art Friday: SWTOR characters

Continuing with our Star Wars theme for the month, here are a few quick sketches I did of my characters from the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.  When I get bored at work I doodle, hence the Post-its and notebook paper.

First up is the first character I created for TOR, a Chiss bounty hunter named Sind’onin.

I usually have her wearing the Dengar-style head wrap, but underneath that she’s got awesome hair and a mottled scar on the right side of her face.  I think I got her default facial expression pretty well!

Next we have one of my favorites to play, Ixendra the Imperial agent (lower right of the Post-it).

This one didn’t come out nearly as well; I made her face too round so she looks cute instead of fierce.  I was more focused on the hair, I guess.  And of course, we also have a Meiling sketch in the top left because why not?  I don’t think this one really looks like Meiling either, though.  I need more practice!