Fan Art Friday: Artoo Awakens

Welcome back to our Star Wars coloring book club, where Kiri at Star Wars Anonymous and I color the same image every month to compare and contrast.


I chose a simple picture this month so I would be able to color and schedule this post ahead of time.  Also, R2-D2 is one of the few characters that appears in all Star Wars movies thus far, and I’m looking forward to seeing him again soon on the big screen.

Although The Force Awakens introduced the wonderful BB-8 as a new favorite droid, many of us were disappointed with the very small role that R2 had in that movie (only barely more than Luke himself).  Hopefully we will see more of him this time around in The Last Jedi.

So much of the advertising materials for TLJ have featured the color red prominently, so I chose red shades for the decorative details, and then just tried to color R2 as realistically as possible.  Of course, since I can never take anything too seriously, I added a little “beep boop” near his head.  R2 always seems to have something to say about any given situation.

Check out Kiri’s version of the “overweight glob of grease” here.  We’ll see you again in the new year!


14 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday: Artoo Awakens

  1. starwarsanon December 1, 2017 / 3:48 pm

    OMG YOURS IS SO FREAKING GOOD!! Like seriously. It’s so good. You even made it look like he was shiny. And there’s a bunch of fading too. Okay you win for sure this month. Love love love it.

    I’ve made the executive decision to skip December coloring and we’ll be back Feb 2018. Only because the holidays overwhelm me and you have a new baby! So enjoy this time with him (har har).

    For the first weekend in Feb, I picked the pic of Darth Vader with little Anakin in the podracer below him…it’s towards the end of the book – opposite a Yoda page.

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    • Mei-Mei December 3, 2017 / 7:45 am

      Haha glad you like it! I know I picked a simple one on purpose, but I always want it to be interesting. I like that we used similar color schemes 😀

      Feb sounds good for the next round. I’m sure at some point I’ll be able to do more than eat, nap, and feed the small one. But that’s about where I am right now haha.


      • starwarsanon December 3, 2017 / 8:18 am

        For me, it got easier after 8 weeks. Some of my friends said 6 weeks but it was definitely 8 for me. And 4-10 months was the best and cutest.


  2. saraletourneau December 1, 2017 / 4:05 pm

    Awwww, it’s R2! And yes, it’s hard to believe that The Last Jedi is around the corner! I’m not sure if my brother and I will be seeing it, actually (he was disappointed by both The Force Awakens and Rogue One). And if that’s the case, then I know what I’m going to see on New Year’s Eve. 🙂

    Nice job on the coloring, and hope all is well with you and the family.

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    • Mei-Mei December 3, 2017 / 7:40 am

      My parents have already agreed to watch the Little Jedi for an evening so my husband and I can go see it in theaters. Though it definitely won’t be opening weekend or anything, in fact New Year’s Eve sounds like a good idea. I just have to avoid spoilers that long!

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    • Mei-Mei December 3, 2017 / 7:38 am

      Glad you like the beeps… After I did them, I started thinking it was too silly for the image. 😀 I’ve always loved R2 as well. The droids in Star Wars have the best personalities.

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  3. For Tyeth December 2, 2017 / 9:38 pm

    Hello Mei-Mei, very nice picture. I do feel however you and Kiri missed out on an opportunity to do something different. I thought one of you would have coloured the droid as the Astromech known as R2-KT, a pink and white droid created as a tribute to a cancer sufferer Katie Albin. You can read about her moving story and see pictures of R2-KT using this link:
    Looking forward to when the colouring recommences in February! Thanks.

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    • Mei-Mei December 2, 2017 / 9:49 pm

      Wow, what a great story! Thanks for sharing. It was definitely a missed opportunity there. I’ll have to look for R2-KT the next time I watch TFA. 🙂

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      • For Tyeth December 2, 2017 / 10:04 pm

        Hi there, I thought it was a really nice touch that J.J. and the Astromech/R2-D2 Builders Club did. It may be easier to pick R2-KT out in the cartoon though! Anyway thanks again, looking forward to the next round in February.

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    • Mei-Mei December 8, 2017 / 8:36 pm

      Awesome! I always love seeing other people’s coloring. Glad to have been an inspiration 🙂

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