Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

WP_20150701_21_31_19_Pro crop

From Dingle.

Sunset in Dingle really brings out its charm; I think lighting is key to ambiance.  This fishing village in southwest Ireland has a population of around 2,000…as well as several dozen pubs.  After taking this picture, my mom and I had dinner in a pub, then some ice cream at Murphy’s, then heard some traditional music in another pub.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

  1. wildroverblog January 16, 2017 / 7:45 pm

    The last time I was in Dingle I couldn’t see it for the rain, still had charm (and second hand bookshops).

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    • Mei-Mei January 16, 2017 / 8:02 pm

      Oooh I missed the bookshops! Guess I’ll have to go back 😉

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      • wildroverblog January 17, 2017 / 1:26 pm

        Sorry, I thought you would have found them. Away from the harbour there is a road with a row of them, and coffee shops, separated by pubs!


  2. jmacindoe January 16, 2017 / 11:25 pm

    What a charming little harbour!

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