La misma causa

Hay algo que solo puedo expresar así,

y no es mi amor,

porque no encuentro palabras dulces

en esta lengua exterior.

Pero en cierto modo irónico

me funciona mejor

porque hay algo que sólo puedo expresar así

y eso es el dolor.

To my knowledge, this is the only poem I’ve ever written in Spanish. (Corrections are appreciated haha).  Last time, I talked about my study abroad semester in Salamanca, Spain; I also wrote this poem at that time.  I liked the irony that I was using Spanish to express my frustration at being in a place that speaks Spanish.

I tried running this through Google Translate, but it butchers it, so here’s my translation:


There’s something I can only express this way,

and it’s not my love,

because I can’t find sweet words

in this foreign tongue.

But in a certain ironic way,

it serves me better,

because there’s something I can only express this way,

and that is sorrow.

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