Goodbye 2015; Hello 2016!

Happy New Year! It’s time for a year-end wrap up here on Jedi by Knight.  Here’s my annual report from WordPress:

Some of the stats there are a little misleading though, so here’s a bit of a summary of my own.


My blog once again grew a lot last year, which I’m very happy about.  I’ll be happy if it grows even more this next year!

More views last year than my first 3 years combined!

The vast majority of my hits came from the US, but the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, France, Italy, and India round out my top 10.  I think someone in Singapore linked my post Who’s That Pokemon…girl? because I got a spike on that post, and Singapore, and Facebook referrals about two months ago.

I had hits from 32 new countries/territories this year, but I also missed 17 that I had last year.

The top 5 posts I wrote this year were:

  1. Oh what a spray! What a lovely spray!
  2. Birthday Jungle
  3. Is the moon a star or a planet?
  4. Revisiting KOTOR II: (#2) Get me off Telos!
  5. Reports of the EU’s demise have been greatly exaggerated (mostly because I pissed off some die-hard EU fans)

Here are some of my favorite search terms that lead people to my blog this year:

  • “who is the pilot in reached” continues to be the leader
  • “lying cat” (yay! Lying cat is awesome!)
  • “watch facing the inside”
  • “twi’lek pumpkin cheesecake”
  • “is telos the end of kotor 2” (hahaha no)
  • “when does phileas fogg have the idea of a hot air ballon” (short answer: he doesn’t.)
  • “samwise gamgee as the embodiment of tolkien”
  • “how to say springerle”
  • “did phylis fog use a balloon in 80 day” (I’m just tickled about “Phylis Fog”)
  • “poe gay star wars board”
  • “lightsaber stick shift”
  • “is she singing japanese on the surface pro 3 commercial 2014” (Nope, that’s Korean.)
  • “introvert hate haircuts”
  • “buying shadow of revan gets me what” (I don’t know, since I never bought it)

As far as the blog in 2016, things will mostly be the same, a mix of nerdy, geeky, and crafty stuff.  I probably won’t be doing as many “series” of posts, because those didn’t seem be to be all that well-received.

I’m also going to be switching my Weekly Photo Challenge posts from my Galápagos photos to the photos I took in Ireland this summer.  Look for those starting next week.

What would you all like to see from the blog this year?

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