Fan Art Friday: SWTOR characters

Continuing with our Star Wars theme for the month, here are a few quick sketches I did of my characters from the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.  When I get bored at work I doodle, hence the Post-its and notebook paper.

First up is the first character I created for TOR, a Chiss bounty hunter named Sind’onin.

I usually have her wearing the Dengar-style head wrap, but underneath that she’s got awesome hair and a mottled scar on the right side of her face.  I think I got her default facial expression pretty well!

Next we have one of my favorites to play, Ixendra the Imperial agent (lower right of the Post-it).

This one didn’t come out nearly as well; I made her face too round so she looks cute instead of fierce.  I was more focused on the hair, I guess.  And of course, we also have a Meiling sketch in the top left because why not?  I don’t think this one really looks like Meiling either, though.  I need more practice!

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