K-pop MVs: Infinite’s “Back”

K-pop videos put heavy emphasis on production quality, so sometimes even a lesser-known group can take you by surprise with a really great video; that’s what happened to me with Infinite and their video for “Back.”

It’s another story MV; a group of thugs has kidnapped one member’s sister and now they’re fighting to get her back.  Lots of action and emotion!  It’s pretty cool to see fight choreography in addition to dance choreography in a video for a change.  Also, bonus points for using an umbrella as a weapon.

I love how the song starts out slow, with the action scenes using extended slow-mo type shots, and then when the tempo picks up they mix in the dance chorerography with faster cuts of the action.  The boys manage to look pretty fierce despite how skinny they all are.

I don’t really know Infinite well enough to tell all the members apart, so here’s a cheat sheet.

The members (in the order they start singing):

  • Sunggyu (0:36)—leader, main vocalist
  • Hoya (0:51)—rapper, vocalist, main dancer
  • Woohyun (1:09)–main vocalist
  • L (1:53)—vocalist, visual
  • Sungjong (2:50)—vocalist, maknae
  • Dongwoo (2:53)—lead dancer, main rapper
  • Sungyeol (3:11)—vocalist

“Main” is ranked higher than “lead” in these positions. The leader is typically the oldest, and the “maknae” is the baby of the group.  The visual is basically the most attractive member who does promotional activities.

More from Infinite:

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