K-pop MVs: BIGBANG’s “Lies”

This video for BIGBANG’s breakout hit has a pretty sober story (much like their famous “Haru Haru” one), but it also has some weird touches.

All the Silly Things:

  • That pink Razor phone was totally awesome at the time.  Also, there were pay phones?
  • Daesung is wearing only one sleeve of his jacket for like the whole video.
  • Roller skating in the parking garage.
  • Seungri opens the car door for her at 1:40.
  • T.O.P in a shopping cart…
  • Taeyang puts eggs in her shopping cart for her at 2:07.
  • It looks like she attacks him with a pineapple, but it’s actually a potted plant.
  • So much running in this video.
  • Blooper reel!

The members:

  • G-Dragon (0:56)—main rapper, leader
  • Seungri (1:13)—vocalist, lead dancer, maknae
  • T.O.P (1:40)—lead rapper
  • Daesung (2:04)—lead vocalist
  • Taeyang (3:25)—main vocalist, main dancer

“Main” is ranked higher than “lead” in these positions.  G-Dragon is actually not the oldest but simply has the personality to be the leader.  The “maknae” is the baby of the group.  As for the visual (the “face” of the group), GD and TOP both could fill this role.

 More from BIGBANG:

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