Skylights by Luther M Siler


Skylights is the first full-length novel from Luther M. Siler, and it’s a perfect fun, quick summer sci-fi read.  Journalist Gabriel Southern has been mysteriously chosen for a private mission to Mars.  The goal? Find out what happened to the last mission.

The first part of the book, the preparation for the trip to Mars, unabashedly revels in details about the cutting-edge technology of the year 2027.  There’s a lot of explanation, but it’s not tedious; in fact it’s rather joyous, and it was pleasant to read a story that was so tech-positive as opposed to the myriad dystopias/post-apocalyptic sci-fi on the market.

When the crew reaches Mars, the suspense kicks in.  There were for sure a couple of parts that got my heart racing.  The story has some creative twists, so just enjoy the ride.

The book is not too long and I never felt it drag.  The pacing is pretty brisk; in fact,the climax events went by a little too fast.  A little bit more breathing room would have upped the drama there.

Gabe is a wonderful narrator, smart and observant as a journalist should be, providing us with a perfect window into the action; yet with a distinct voice that readers of the author’s blog ( will find somewhat familiar. Siler’s style of humor walks an entertaining line between witty and snarky; if you enjoy reading his blog, you’ll enjoy reading his novels as well.

So all in all, I think would be a perfect summer read for a sci-fi fan.  I’m looking forward to the sequel!

You can find Skylights at Amazon (Kindle $4.95, paperback $12.95), and Siler’s most recent work, The Sanctum of the Sphere, can be found there as well (Kindle $4.95).

6 thoughts on “Skylights by Luther M Siler

    • Mei-Mei May 28, 2015 / 8:49 pm

      You are quite welcome; as I said, it was a fun read, so thank you!


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